Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the most common questions we are asked, If you don't see an answer to your question, feel free to contact us.

DATArecall's DR.Connect® is customizable, it is browser-based document management system with unique feature to use it as a Cloud (online), or connect your own secured Server (use it as Desktop version) , this is our competitive advantage.

Why Should I Trust an Outside Company with My Precious Records?

DATArecall is a Global organization, serving National Conglomerates and Fortune 500 Global Companies in United Kingdom and Pakistan, the Organization is headed by Professionals "Chartered Accountants & MBAs" with Professional at hear and Ethical Conduct, the Management has been serving Professional Chartered Associations and part of various Consultative Committees at Professional level and Chamber of Commerce. 

What Features the System offers ? 

DATArecall's DR.Connect® System includes Electronic Document Management, Workflow/Business Process Automation/Collaboration, Task Management, which is one of the Favorite amongst Accountants, Approval Mechanism ,Connect your Client system and many more functions under process, which includes Microsoft Office Integration, Integration with One Drive and Dropbox.  

What types of documents can be stored?

DATArecall's DR.Connect® System can cater any type of document you can imagine, including scanned images, Microsoft Office Files, PDF files, text files,  customers records, accounting records  to name a few, with unique feature to have File Extension approval mechanism thus filter our garbages.

Is DATAreall's DR.Connect® System is web-enabled?

DATAreall's DR.Connect® System is browser-based and has 2 Versions, with Online Version , you can capture, search, archive and retrieve documents from anywhere in the world , with Desktop Version, you can use your own server to deploy the system. thus complete security as per your internal requirements.

Who can use the System ?

DATAreall's DR.Connect® System if for any forward looking organization looking to improve business process automation: Nonprofits, NGO's, Educational Institutions, Marketing and Advertising agencies, Engineering Firms, Hospitals, Retail businesses, IT Companies, Financial as well as Manufacturing Organization can benefit from the system, 

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